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Ryzen Gaming PC

Ryzen gaming PCs are here. Powerful gaming PCs without breaking the bank. The AMD Ryzen processors are the perfect solution when looking to run applications that are CPU intensive. The Ryzen will perform remarkably as a streaming PC, a video editing PC or 3D modeling and rendering PC. Customise your Ryzen gaming PC now.

Ryzen Gaming PC

Ryzen CPU


Ryzen is AMD’s new CPU architecture introduced in March 2017. 8 Cores, 16 threads, frequencies pushing through 4GHz is the perfect CPU for high-end gaming PCs and any CPU intensive application. With the new Ryzen architecture, high-end gaming is not only more affordable, it’s also more powerful. Thanks to Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT), AMD Ryzen processors are capable of processing two threads at once on each core, giving you an additional 8 virtual cores. Enjoy your Ryzen gaming PC with the precision boost feature that will increase the CPU frequency when most needed for acute performance. The Ryzen gaming PC also supports DDR4 memory up to 3200Mhz for lower consumption and higher bandwidth comparing to DDR3.

XFR Overclocking


Overclocking on a Ryzen gaming PC has never been so easy thanks to the “X” variants of the AMD Ryzen processors. Both The 1700X and 1800X AMD Ryzen CPUs are equipped with an auto-overclocking feature named Extended Frequency Range (XFR). This feature allows to go beyond the boost frequency as long as the CPU is well cooled. That’s right, your Ryzen CPU dynamically adjusts its frequency based on power and temperature conditions. The better your CPU is cooled, the higher frequency your CPU will be able to reach. Overclocking is really for all without the need for human intervention. Unlock the true performance of your Ryzen gaming PC with the Extended Frequency Range.

Gaming Setup


Your Ryzen gaming PC needs high-end gaming graphics. Enjoy a large selection of both Nvidia and AMD Radeon graphics card that will match your needs. Enjoy the high-performance of the Nvidia GTX 10 series and play in 4K with a high framerate. Associate your Ryzen gaming PC with an AMD Radeon RX 480 and a Freesync monitor and experience a stutter-free and smooth gaming experience.

VR Ready


VR ready gaming PCs are optimised systems that will allow you to play games in VR with no hassle. Using high-performance components, your Ryzen gaming PC is VR ready. Immerse yourself into your favourite games. Whether you have an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, experience gaming like never before. Your Ryzen gaming PC will keep up to the task thanks to the high-end CPU and graphics card.

Smart power supply


The Corsair RMx series powers your Ryzen gaming PC. The fan of this smart power supply doesn’t turn on until it’s under heavy load and needed, allowing a silent operation at low and medium loads. The fully modular cable set offers better cable management and therefore better airflow as not needed cables can stay in the box. Last but not least, the Corsair RMx series that equips your Ryzen gaming PC is certified 80 PLUS GOLD, ensuring a high efficiency. This means that not only it will help you save on your energy bill but it also will produce less heat.


Quality PC built

The Ryzen Gaming PC is custom built by a team of experts. No detail is left behind while your gaming PC is assembled by our team. This guarantees you to receive the best quality custom gaming PC at home.

Lifetime Support Warranty

Our warranties include an impressive lifetime free labour and support. So even if you have troubles with your Ryzen gaming PC after your warranty period, you can contact us. We will never charge you for labour or phone support.

No Bloatware

We do not install unwanted third party software. We build performant Ryzen gaming PCs and we refuse to have them affected by undesirable software.

Customise and buy

The Ryzen gaming PC configurations below have been tested and optimised to offer the best performance per value.

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