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Our powerful mini gaming PCs. Dragon Flair's best of breed gaming PCs.

Small Gaming PC

NVIDIA Geforce 1080 Pascal


The Draal is our smallest gaming PC. We have packed the best inside. It offers the latest Nvidia Pascal technology for a great gaming experience. Nvidia Pascal™ Architecture features DirectX™ 12 which enables all the CPU cores to communicate simultaneously to the graphic card, resulting in increased performance. Higher framerate, enhanced gaming performance and lower power consumption make the Nvidia 10 series the top choice for any mini gaming PC.

CPU Cooling


Keeping the temperatures of your mini gaming PC low is important for many reasons. A cool gaming PC will be quieter as the fans will be able to run at a lower speed. Not only that, low temperatures will also give you better overclocking capabilities. That’s why keeping your mini gaming PC cool is one of the main priorities we keep in mind when building it. High Airflow, water cooling and advanced thermal paste options are available on the Draal.

Low noise gaming PC


When pushed to their limits, gaming PCs will see their fan speed raise and create a higher noise level. At Dragon Flair, not only we optimise the airflow to keep the fans at a lower level but we also have a great range of CPU cooling solutions, advanced thermal paste and noise dampening kit available. A combination of soundproof materials and quiet cooling system is the key to your next quiet mini gaming PC. You still get to custom build your PC while having the benefit of the silence.

Wireless gaming


When playing online, a powerful and flawless connectivity is essential and helps to avoid high latency or lag. Your broadband connection should not be held back by your hardware. This why 802.ac Wifi 2x2 dual band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz, as well as Bluetooth, are available on every Draal mini gaming PC. With a theoretical speed of 867 Mbps and the dual-band support, you will enjoy a blazing fast and reliable connection. Every millisecond counts and we make sure you get the frag first.


SFF Gaming PC

The Draal is our smallest gaming PC. Tiny measurements with amazing power. Enjoy the performance level of a full tower PC in a custom small form factor.

Lifetime Support Warranty

Our warranties include an impressive lifetime free labour and support. So even if you have troubles with your mini gaming PC after your warranty period, you can contact us. We will never charge you for labour or phone support.

No Bloatware

We do not install unwanted third party software. We build performant mini gaming PCs and we refuse to have them affected by undesirable software.


Customise and buy

The mini gaming PC configurations below have been tested and optimised to offer the best performance per value.

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