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Intel Gaming PCs

The Intel gaming PCs are powered by Intel processors for powerful, stable and reliable gaming performance. The 7th generation, Intel Kaby Lake, has been launched in January 2017. It features higher clock speed, turbo frequencies and better overclocking capabilities.

The Intel Pentium PC is a perfect start if you are on a budget and it includes the Hyper-Threading technology.
If you already are into PC gaming, then a Core i3 gaming PC would deliver better performance: 2 core processors for essential gaming.
If you are into serious gaming, a Core i5 gaming PC is your best bet to play the latest games: 4 physical cores for optimum performance at 1080p.
We recommend a Core i7 gaming PC for extreme gaming at high resolution: 4 physical cores and 4 additional virtual cores.
Whatever your needs and budget are, we have a wide range of Intel gaming PCs for you to choose from.

Customise and buy

The gaming PC configurations below have been tested and optimised to offer the best performance per value.

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