Due to a worldwide shortage of Radeon RX series graphics cards, we are unable to give a shipping date on systems equipped with those cards.

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Gaming Pc - Rogue

The Dragon Flair Rogue is our the latest gaming PC – delivering high frame rates at affordable prices. At Dragon Flair, we are all ‘hardcore gamers turned PC hardware assembly experts’ and we want you to get the best gaming experience possible – whatever your budget. As a Dragon Flair customer, you can ring for support and advice at any time – and that includes free tutorials on how to upgrade your own gaming PC!

Gaming PC

NVIDIA Geforce 1080 Pascal


Whether you’re looking for a cheap gaming PC or the best gaming PC, the gaming PC Rogue will offer you a great range of options, including a large choice of graphics cards. Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are the perfect answer to run games smoothly at high resolutions. These powerful graphics cards will also be able to handle your video editing and photo editing applications. Gaming on high resolution or multiple monitors? Our custom built gaming PCs are made for you.

Intel Gaming PC


Intel’s processors Kaby Lake have been launched in January 2017. This new architecture brings superior performance for your gaming PC. Kaby Lake features increased clock speeds and clock speed changes. Turbo frequencies have also been boosted for better gaming performance and superior overclocking capabilities. Kaby Lake also brings support for Intel Optane Technology, a revolutionary non-volatile memory. Choose the advanced CPU overclocking option when customising your budget gaming PC and get instantly up to 12% increase in CPU performance. Overclocking is available on every of our custom budget gaming PCs when selecting a “k” Intel processor. PC Gaming has never been so good and accessible to all budgets.

Upgrade Friendly Gaming PC


Need to upgrade your gaming PC, add more memory or change your graphics card? The Rogue gaming PC offers great room allowing you to keep your brand new gaming PC going for the coming years. Being able to upgrade your gaming PC saves you money on the long term. No need to buy a new gaming PC every so many years. At Dragon Flair we support you in upgrading your gaming PC. Not sure which part you should upgrade to get the most performance out of your budget? Contact us and we’ll help you from choosing the right part, to the upgrade process.


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Budget Gaming PC

The gaming PC Rogue is packed with performance and is the perfect choice for any demanding game. The Rogue is a budget friendly custom gaming PC built for extreme power and gaming sensations.

Lifetime Support Warranty

Our warranties include an impressive lifetime free labour and support. So even if you have troubles with your gaming PC after your warranty period, you can contact us. We will never charge you for labour or phone support.

No Bloatware

We do not install unwanted third party software on our gaming PCs. We build performant gaming PCs and we refuse to have them affected by undesirable software.


Customise and buy

The budget gaming PC configurations below have been tested and optimised to offer the best performance per value.