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Our gaming laptops offer similar performance to a full tower PC and are available as 15 inch or 17 inch gaming laptops. Enjoy the latest games with a high framerate and full details thanks to the combination of Intel processors and Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. Choose between an Intel Core i5 for mainstream efficiency or i7 for extreme performance. An Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 will provide you with a nice upgrade from a console. A GeForce GTX 1060 will give you smooth results at 1080p while the Nvidia GTX 1070 and 1080 will allow you to play at a higher resolution.

Our MSI laptops are equipped with Nvidia graphics cards, the best graphics cards out there for your gaming laptop. Discover Nvidia GTX 10 series with Directx 12 giving you the smoothest and most power-efficient gaming experience on a laptop. Our gaming laptops also offer a high refresh rate up to 120Hz for a smooth gaming experience. We partner with MSI for a good reason: MSI gaming laptops have been awarded the best Windows laptop for the last two years!

A gaming laptop wouldn’t be a laptop if it needed to be plugged constantly. All our gaming laptops include the Nvidia Battery Boost technology that extends the battery life of your gaming laptop by up to 2 times on battery while delivering outstanding graphics performance. Nvidia Battery Boost lets you adjust your target frame rate to suit your own gaming needs, giving you complete control on your battery life and gaming experience. The MSI shift technology allows you to switch between different profiles to optimise either the performance or the battery depending on your preference.

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The gaming laptops below have been selected to offer the best performance per value.