Due to a worldwide shortage of Radeon RX series graphics cards, we are unable to give a shipping date on systems equipped with those cards.
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Custom PC - Inferno

The Inferno custom PC features a vinyl-wrapped case with a tempered glass side panel. Custom PC built for gaming, it delivers a wide range of options for a total customisation so you can make your Inferno custom PC, a truly unique PC. Available with Intel CPUs for extreme gaming performance, or AMD Ryzen CPUs for a versatile use and high CPU usage applications. Custom designed vinyl wrap and watercooling are some of the options that makes the Inferno a high-end custom PC that delivers extreme performance.

Kitguru: "The combination of a fast GTX 1080 and overclocked i7-7700K takes the Inferno right to the top of the charts."


Custom PC Inferno


NVIDIA Geforce 1080 Pascal


At Dragon Flair, we go further than others when it comes to innovation. The Inferno is the world’s first custom PC with a custom wrap. The Inferno custom PC is available in 2 different designs and 6 different colours. The Dragon Flair design, created by an artist, is the symbol of what Dragon Flair delivers: A constant effort to deliver the best high-performance custom PCs.
The Blue Dragon design shows our support for the organisation of the same name. Most of the benefits of custom PCs sold with this design will be given to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation to help rescue kids in crisis.

Custom Built Gaming PC


The Inferno is a custom PC made for gaming. It delivers high-performance thanks to its large choice of graphics cards and CPU. Choose the graphics card that will match your needs between Nvidia Geforce and AMD Radeon graphics cards. Enjoy the high-performance of the AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 series graphics cards for your custom PC and play in 4K with a high framerate. Associate an AMD Radeon graphics card with a Freesync monitor or an Nvidia Geforce Graphics card with a G-sync monitor and experience a stutter-free and smooth gaming experience. Whether you prefer to have an Intel or AMD CPU, we got you covered. Our Custom PC builds offer you the choice to fit your specific needs.

VR Ready


VR ready custom PCs are optimised systems that will allow you to play VR games with no hassle. Using high-performance components, your custom PC becomes VR ready. Get a VR Ready custom PC and immerse yourself into your favourite games. Whether you have an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, experience gaming like never before. Your custom PC will keep up to the task thanks to the high-end CPU and graphics card. Even better, the Inferno custom PC has all the required connections on the top panel and comes with a puck for an easier cable management.

DDR4 Memory


Memory is an important choice to make when it comes to a custom PC dedicated to gaming. Memory frequency and latency are important factors to take into consideration. This is why we work with Corsair performance memory and only offer high-performance DDR4 gaming memory for your custom PC. Additionally, your Corsair gaming memory takes advantage of XMP profiles, allowing the memory to run at a high clock speed and low latency. Finally, we test your memory for over 12 hours during the testing period to ensure no error shows up and your custom PC’s performance remains rock solid.

Upgrade Friendly


At Dragon Flair, we believe your custom PC is entirely yours and you should be allowed to make any modification you want to it without losing your warranty. That’s why we support you in upgrading your custom PC when you believe the time has come. If needed, we will help you choose which part you should upgrade to optimise performances and we will also help you installing the new part. It gets even better: As a Dragon Flair existing customer, we will be able to provide you with a preferred pricing on the parts that you wish to upgrade. We’ve got you and your custom PC covered.

Blue Dragon Custom PC

Blue Dragon Custom PC

The Blue Dragon vinyl design is our contribution to a better world. Whenever you choose this vinyl wrap for your custom PC, 50% of the benefits will go directly to the Blue Dragon NGO, helping children in crisis. We build high-end custom PCs, and as a company, it is important to us to relay important messages and help those in need.



Overclocking is an easy way to get quick and enhanced performance for your custom PC. This is why we offer advanced CPU overclocking options for selected CPUs.

Lifetime Support Warranty

Our warranties include an impressive lifetime free labour and support. So even if you have troubles with your custom PC after your warranty period, you can contact us. We will never charge you for labour or phone support.

No Bloatware

We do not install unwanted third party software on our custom PCs. We build performant custom gaming PCs and we refuse to have them affected by undesirable software.


Customise and buy

The custom PC configurations below have been tested and optimised to offer the best performance per value.